*New* 3D Designs and Other Resin Interior Surfaces

New!  3D Flooring and Walls.  Unbelieveably vivid, realistic and made with environmentally safe materials.  Choose from a line of existing images or develop your own.  Design Plus USA, Inc. has exclusive rights to this new technology in the Western United States.  (Patent Pending)

Flooring.  We make beautiful interior floors of any design.  Whether high gloss, matte, or mixed with swirled sand, tumbled glass or laid with river stones, the possiblitiles for color and texture are endless.  And all Resin floors are anti-skid.


Walls.  Resin paints last 8 times as long as traditional paints and clean as if they were brand new.  Scuffs, scribbles, magic marker and other stains wash right off.

Logos, Business and Public Surfaces

Logos.  Highlight and reinforce your business space or private garage with our beautiful logos. We can recreate any logo in wide variety of materials and finishes.


Businesses and Public Spaces. From parking lots to tree surrounds, Design Plus USA, Inc. creates clean, highly durable solutions that are breathable, can allow for water to drain through and are UV-stable. 


General Construction and Landscape Design.   interior and landscape design, kitchen and bathrooms.